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House of Prayer for All Nations
House of Prayer for All Nations & Kids Church Expansion Project Bringing Gods supernatural power through a Prayer House with global impact and a Kids Church that will leave a generational legacy. Build a place for all nations “For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 57:7 Build a house of […]
20% Off Conference Tickets
Get 20% off your ticket from any of our upcoming conferences. Empower someone in the new year and give them the gift of attending one of our conferences. *Offer expires Monday, 11/26/2018 Use the code: BLACKFRIDAY when you check out. Get your ticket today: Restoring Priesthood – Men’s Conference Supernatural Ministry School – Winter 2019 […]
Thanksgiving Service
We couldn’t thank God enough for all He has done throughout our lives. We’re so happy to announce we will have our Thanksgiving Service – NOVEMBER 20th. Join us with your family in giving God thanks for who He is and all He continues to do! – Tuesday, November 20th – 7:30PM
Restoring Priesthood Conference for Men 2018
There is a call to all men to go back to their functions and responsibilities as priests according to the model of Jesus. There is a call to live in holiness, to teach God’s Word and to seek His face again. To become bearers of His presence.   Watch the conference online HERE. Attend the conference, register […]
Visit Israel This November!
This year marks 70 years Israel being a nation. We are expecting God to manifest in our prophetic Israel tour this year. Not only will you experience history but you will be part of it. Walk where Jesus walked and encounter His presence like never before.   We have prepared a prophetic journey for you […]
Hurricane Michael Relief
The Word of God teaches us that every time Jesus saw the need of people, He was moved to compassion. He didn’t just preach, He acted immediately, to confirm with facts what He had taught or preached. We, at King Jesus, follow His example. That is the reason why, today we are mobilizing to help […]
Watch All the Sessions of CAP 2018 Here
If you missed any session of CAP 2018 today you can get full access to watch the entire conference. This year we experienced a powerful explosion of God’s glory. Thousands received their breakthroughs and now you can experience the same thing. You’ll learn topics from: The Prophetic with Prophet Shawn Bolz How to Pray with […]
4 Biblical Keys to Breakthrough Prayer that Works
To break is defined as “to separate into parts with suddenness or violence.” Similarly, breakthrough prayer generates an abrupt, violent, and sudden rupture of what is hindering us, pushing us beyond that limitation and into freedom. With a breakthrough, what we need is brought from the spiritual world to the natural world, so that we […]
Special message from Paula White
The only way we can have the will of God on the earth is through prayer. Prayer is a place in the spirit, it is the place where we can see God’s will and His plan for our lives. We have all been called to pray. Pastor Paula White wants to encourage you to understand […]
What to Expect for CAP 2018
People share their expectations for CAP. This year, we expect an explosion of God’s power and glory. We are praying for supernatural breakthrough in the lives of believers. We encourage you to sign up today (for free) so you can have full access to CAP 2018 online! Watch CAP 2018 HERE. October 4-6, 2018.
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