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God’s Supernatural Power
During our supernatural encounters we have witnessed hundreds of testimonies of God’s goodness!
God is Real
When the supernatural power manifests on earth it impacts us, showing us the evidence that God is real.
Signs and Wonders
A woman testifies that she got operated and was in constant pain, the power of God hit her during a supernatural encounter, she became completely healed.
Five Miracles of The Kingdom
During a miracle crusade we witnessed the five miracles of the kingdom the blind saw, the mute spoke, the lame walked, deliverances happened and the deaf heard.
Youth Empowered to Move in the Supernatural Power of God
This young man along with his youth group went to CGC, he testifies that they were empowered to take the supernatural movement of God back to their country.   Join us July 27 – 29 for our youth conference, CGC. More information HERE.
The Lord Transformed This Pastor and Healed Her Heart
This pastor was stuck in her spiritual life, she grew up in church, always served in church and it became a routine. But ever since she started coming to the conferences her heart got healed, she had resentment and lack of forgiveness in her heart. The Lord transformed her.   Receive the same impartation, watch […]
Experience Israel
This young woman shares her experience in Israel and invites you to come to the next Israel Tour.
By Faith She Received Land for her Church
This pastor gave an offering to God during one of our Sunday services. She believed that God would give them land to build their church. Not long after a land owner sowed into them six acres of land to build their church.  
Man was Activated to Walk in the Supernatural
Six years ago this man read one of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado’s books. Then he came across the programs and he decided to attended one of the Supernatural Encounters in Africa. The man was activated in the supernatural. He later came to the Supernatural Ministry School and received even more. When he returned home, his church […]
Prophet Ana shares with us from Masada in Israel
Walk where Jesus walked, discover the power of God in a whole new dimension. Watch this short video as Prophet Ana Maldonado describes the experience of visiting Masada.
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