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At the Brink of Suicide but Jesus Saved Her
This woman testifies that she wanted to commit suicide and take her daughter’s life too. But she had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ and everything changed.   Need prayer? Send your prayer requests HERE.
God Transformed Her Life in a Supernatural Way
This woman came from a dysfunctional family. Because her father wasn’t a good example, she became shy and timid. She got involved with a man who would mistreat her. He tried to control her life. She watched a preaching and she realized there was more to life. She came to King Jesus Ministry and God […]
Through Obedience and Faith God Completely Healed Geneva and Her Daughter
Three years ago Geneva felt from God to move to Miami. She obeyed God, moved to Miami and got involved in serving at King Jesus Ministry. However, one day she got a call from her daughter that she had gone blind. Her daughter went to the hospital and the doctors said there was nothing they […]
The Gift of Baptism
This young girl explains the feeling of being baptized and how important it is to every believer to be baptized.   Need prayer? Send your prayer requests HERE.
God Transformed The Life of A Former NFL Player
A former NFL player testifies how God transformed his life. He used to be addicted to sex and lived a life away from God. But after a series of events God changed his life. The Holy Spirit took over and led him to be completely transformed. He established his home and no longer desires the […]
Man Testifies of Walking In the Supernatural After Being Activated in CAP
This man testifies that he was activated in the supernatural during CAP and explains how he has been walking and ministering in the power of God ever since.   CAP is a few weeks away! In CAP the heavens are open. This year we want you to experience the LIMITLESS God! Join us on September […]
The Doctors Said She Would Die, but God Had Other Plans
In 2016, Seidy had a stroke and received brain surgery. The doctors said she would die. As a result she became paralyzed and the doctors didn’t have any hope she would survive. But God changed things around. We encourage every young man or woman to join us July 19-20, for our youth conference RMNT. We […]
God Supernaturally Healed The Heart of This Man 
This man’s heart was supernaturally healed by the power of God during CAP. Experience how the power of God can manifest in your life through miracles, healing, signs and wonders at CAP 2019. Register for CAP 2019 HERE
God Brought Breakthrough to Their Business and Finances
After having a successful business for 12 years, God wanted to do more in their lives. When they went to the Supernatural Ministry School they had an encounter with God that changed their lives forever. Their sales increased by thousands of dollars. God gave them favor to open more businesses. Through the supernatural access of […]
Come to Israel This Year
Join us on a transformational trip where you will experience a unique encounter with God’s presence.
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