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King Jesus Ministry Coronavirus (COVID-19) May Update
Please take a moment to read our official update about Coronavirus (COVID-19) by clicking the link.
God Transformed The Life of A Former NFL Player
A former NFL player testifies how God transformed his life.
Peace in Times of Crisis and How to Overcome
Peace must be considered in terms of the heart. It is an internal, essential, and vital unity.
How to Overcome Fear
Every response that we have in life is motivated either by love or fear. Which one will you respond to?
Supernatural Partners
Together we restore, transform, and empower lives through encounters with the supernatural God.
Network of the Supernatural Movement
The Network of the Supernatural Movement is a worldwide network of churches and ministries that seek to bring the reality of a supernatural God to this generation. A God of miracles, signs and wonders, instead of historical facts, are available to your church today!
University of the Supernatural Ministry
Preparing Christian leaders to take the Kingdom of God to the world through the manifestation of the supernatural power of God.
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