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The Shekinah and Kabod Glory
The glory of God is throughout the earth and He wants all His people to experience it.
Couple Testifies How They Received Spiritual Authority and Breakthrough
They were in desperate need for God to intervene in their lives. They knew through their own strength there would not be any change.
3 Things Every Believer Must Know
The resurrection power is your inheritance.
Prophet Glenda Jackson Prophetic Word
God is doing something new and there is a reawakening in His people! Prophet Glenda Jackson released a powerful word over the ministry last Sunday.
Supernatural Partners
Together we restore, transform, and empower lives through encounters with the supernatural God.
Network of the Supernatural Movement
The Network of the Supernatural Movement is a worldwide network of churches and ministries that seek to bring the reality of a supernatural God to this generation. A God of miracles, signs and wonders, instead of historical facts, are available to your church today!
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