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4 Principles for Receiving Immediate Answers to Your Prayer
If God always hears and answers our prayers, why have certain prayers not yet been answered? The Bible teaches that, in heaven, there are “golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints [believers]” (Rev. 5:8). These bowls have not yet been poured out on the earth in a visible or tangible […]
Submit Your Prayer Petitions Here
Need a breakthrough in your life? We are believing this CAP you will receive your breakthrough. God is hearing the prayers of His people. If you or anyone you know have any prayer petitions, submit them. We will be praying over every petition during CAP. Send in your prayer petitions HERE.
Enter the Secret Place of the Spirit With These Breakthrough Prayer Keys
Prayer is a place. A secret place in the Spirit. There, our relationship with God is established; and from there, everything we ask according to His will is given to us. When Jesus was on earth, He would often pray alone in the desert, but we can choose any place and dedicate it specifically for […]
The Golden Rule of Prayer 
Prayer begins when we believe in and acknowledge God’s existence and qualities. This is the “golden rule of prayer.” Through faith, we believe in the existence of God and in the reality of the invisible realm. Then, through prayer, we affirm our belief, because if God didn’t exist, there would be no reason to pray […]
Watch CGC 2018
All the sessions and workshops are available for you to watch or listen. During CGC thousands of young people came from many different nations to be empowered, delivered and activated. If you or someone you know who is a youth, share with them this link. HERE. In the conference there was an outpouring of the […]
CGC Day 1: Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
Watch a brief video of what happened last night during day 1 of CGC. Apostle Guillermo Maldonado imparted and activated thousands of young people. You can STILL receive from this powerful conference…we have so much more in store! Watch CGC 2018 HERE 
CGC 2018 has Officially Started!
This is a friendly reminder that CGC 2018 has OFFICIALLY STARTED!  Sign up HERE and start watching. You don’t want to miss a single second of this powerful conference. Get ready for what will be released throughout this weekend. We’re ready…are you? When you sign up you’ll get access to watch: All the sessions + […]
What Can You Expect for CGC? 
Pastor Bryan Maldonado explains what you can expect for CGC 2018. We are believing this will be our best youth conference yet! If you’re in Miami grab your ticket and attend the conference HERE. Not in Miami? Watch the conference online HERE. CGC is July 27 – 28, 2018.
CGC Special Guest Bethel Music
We are excited to announce Bethel’s Kalley Heiligenthal, Hunter Thompson and Cory Asbury will be joining us for our youth conference, CGC 2018! We invite every youth and youth leader to our CGC conference, July 27 – 28. For more information click HERE.
Watch the Supernatural Ministry School Summer 2018
Thousands from different parts of the world have gathered to experience 3 full days of training, activation and empowerment.  Not able to make it? Connect online and watch each session live! Watch HERE.
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