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The Principle of First Fruits
Pastor Paula White-Cain shares an insightful word on the principle of first fruits. In this preaching you will learn why we must put God first in our lives.   Watch the full preaching here.
The Revelation of Honor
Honor is part of the culture of the kingdom of God. It is a form of demonstrating value, appreciation, worthy, affirmation, respect, and consideration. Until a person has the revelation of honor they will not value God and you will never trust God as your source. When you honor you show appreciation and value. Honor […]
Building Expectation For 2020
We have entered into a new decade! Are you expecting something supernatural to happen in your life? When you have expectation you have faith that God will intervene and do something supernatural in your life. The law of faith comes into play with this because faith works through the law of expectation.   Watch the […]
The Revelation of Jesus Part 2: Why Believe in Jesus?
It’s different when you know about Jesus and when you have a relationship with Him and have revelation of who He is.   Watch the full preaching here.
The Revelation of Jesus
Every believer was created to not just accept Christ but also be in a relationship with Him. But what does that mean? Who is Jesus? Learn more in today’s preaching clip. Watch the full preaching here.
Celebrating Victory: What is the Importance of Praise?
After every battle, God has given us a victory and for that we are thankful. Something happens in the atmosphere when we praise God for His goodness. Praise is an affirmation of the presence of God and His works. This means admiration, adoration, it’s an expression or an affirmation towards God. Anywhere where God is […]
War Against the Spirit of Jezebel: Identifying this Spirit
How can we identify the spirit of jezebel? How can we know if we are operating under its influence or being manipulated by it? The purpose of jezebel was to remove God from the people. Jezebel can be identified by experience and discernment and knowing its characteristics. Many people now, are the result of this […]
The Process For Purpose
God has given everyone a purpose but in order to reach that purpose we must go through a process. Process is not an option but a necessity so we can reach our destiny.   Watch the full preaching here. If you want to learn more about your God-given purpose, get a copy of Guillermo Maldonado’s […]
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