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How The Blood of Jesus Sets Us Free
Genuine repentance bares fruit. That fruit is change. You no longer continue to do the same things, or think the same way; to the point that even your desires change. If you find yourself saying you’re “repenting” and you remain the same, then it’s not coming from a genuine place. Examine yourself today and ask […]
What is a Vow?
A vow is a promise that we make unto God, it is a sacrifice that holds a special value. Why does a vow carry so much power? Because it is a sacrifice of worship unto God. Every sacrifice that we make, moves the heart of God and causes the Holy Spirit to move here on […]
Steps To Freedom
The heart is the most sacred part of us. It is who we are and the condition of our hearts determines our intimacy with God. There has been a war in the spiritual realm because the enemy is after the heart of the people. Why? Because your heart is the resting place of the presence […]
Healing The Broken Heart
How can a broken heart be healed? There are experiences in our lives that cause trauma and wounds in our hearts. A person who has a broken heart, cannot have an intimate relationship with God. When the enemy has your heart captive, he will have control and authority over almost every area in your life […]
Is Salvation A One Time Thing?
“Revival isn’t when the world gets it right, it’s when the church gets saved” – Pastor Rod Parsley Have you ever asked yourself if you are really saved? Is salvation a one time confession? Can salvation be lost? Why salvation is not by faith alone but requires action as well? In today’s teaching all your […]
How to Live a Life Free From Stress
Many times the stress in our lives is produced by the things we try to control in our own strengths. Only God has the supernatural ability to handle the impossible trials in our lives. This is the time when we must enter into His rest and become totally dependent on Him, with absolute faith that […]
The Restoration of Fatherhood
What happened to fatherhood in society? Over many years the spirit of Jezebel has been attacking the spirit of Fatherhood over the church because it serves the purpose of destroying the original intent. Past traumas that have caused pain and disappointments lead us to reject the fatherhood in our lives. What are the benefits of […]
What Is Pentecost Sunday? Why Do We Celebrate It?
What is Pentecost Sunday? It’s the day we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and His power. Check out this message to be empowered and filled once again by the Holy Spirit.   Watch the full preaching here.
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