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How to Pray from a Position of Justice
You cannot ask God anything until you know where you stand. Any area in your life that is not right with God, that is the area the enemy can accuse you. That will result in your prayers not being answered.   Watch the full preaching HERE.   Pre-order the book “Breakthrough Prayer” HERE.
Why Is There an Absence of Priesthood in the Church?
In prayer and intercession, your identity is always that of the priest. If you pray as a priest, no matter your age or culture, you will know your identity in prayer.   Watch the full preaching HERE.
Are You Walking in the Vision God Has for Your Life?
Those who are committed, those who run with the vision and those who are prepared will be able to receive the things God has for them.   Watch the full preaching HERE.
What is Your Highest Calling?
Bishop Bill Hamon gave a special word on Sunday. He said God makes the man before God makes the ministry. Because your ministry and gift can only endure as long as your character.   Watch the full preaching HERE.
Spiritual Warfare on Finances
God wants to break strongholds of poverty over your life. Religion wants you bound because it knows when you prosper in all areas it will bring breakthrough not only for you but for God´s kingdom. Watch the full preaching HERE.
What to do When the Devil Attacks Your Mind?
Don’t let the enemy build strongholds out of lies that prevent you from walking in the purpose God designed for you! Jesus destroyed Satan, that is why you can be free from strongholds and bondages today because Jesus overcame them. Watch the full preaching HERE.
What are Strongholds?
Strongholds are built on lies. People try to use reason to make the lie real. When you accept the lie, when you believe it, it accumulates in your mind until it becomes a stronghold. Watch the full preaching HERE.
The Mysteries of Tongues Part 1
People who pray in tongues have great virtue, power and are carriers of the presence. They have faith to exercise power. The atmosphere changes when you kneel and pray.   Discover our new video on demand platform. Access the supernatural anywhere with our complete video library. You will be able to watch preaching, any of our […]
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