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The Restoration of Fatherhood
What happened to fatherhood in society? Over many years the spirit of Jezebel has been attacking the spirit of Fatherhood over the church because it serves the purpose of destroying the original intent. Past traumas that have caused pain and disappointments lead us to reject the fatherhood in our lives. What are the benefits of […]
What Is Pentecost Sunday? Why Do We Celebrate It?
What is Pentecost Sunday? It’s the day we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and His power. Check out this message to be empowered and filled once again by the Holy Spirit.   Watch the full preaching here.
How to Walk in Supernatural Faith?
Often in our lives, difficult situations tear down our faith and expectations. Jesus wants to tell you that every enemy in your life has been defeated! When we focus our eyes on Him, our faith and expectation rises. Listen to this Sunday message on how to walk in faith and expectation. Be encouraged that God […]
Women of God in This Generation
Apostle Patricia King shared a message on the women of God in these times and how they can stand up to be an example of Christ. God is raising up women in this generation to fulfill their calling and bring His kingdom to earth. We fill our lives with so many things that don’t matter, […]
What Are the Marks of a True Woman of God?
Have you ever wondered what marks a true woman of God? How can submitting to your husband bless your life and household? When a woman submits to divine order supernatural protection will flow. Most of the characteristics of a true woman of God are attributes of the Holy Spirit. Some of these include: having a […]
Inner Healing and Deliverance
We had the privilege this Sunday to have Apostle Mike Connell teach us on the importance of inner healing and deliverance for the body of Christ and the church.   Watch more preachings here.
Why Prayer Is Important For Our Lives
Many people assume breakthrough happens suddenly. But in reality breakthrough is a result of an accumulation of prayer. We are instructed to pray continuously. Prayer requires discipline and consistency. Many get discouraged along the way and lessen their prayers. But if you want to reach the goal, see the results, you cannot stop praying.   […]
Essential Revelations of the Resurrection
Jesus’ resurrection gave legal right to the kingdom of God on earth because Jesus dethroned the kingdom of darkness. If Jesus wouldn’t have resurrected our faith would be useless. But Jesus is alive. Our faith consists of knowing His death and resurrection gives us legal right to His kingdom and power.   Watch the full […]
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