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More Testimonials
God delivered him from more than 8 years of alcohol addiction
God delivers you for you to deliver others!
God supernaturally deposited money in her account!
God supernaturally removed her cyst!
Do You Need God to Bring Provision to Your Life?
When The Doctor’s Said No, God Said YES!
One word changed her life forever
Look what God did in CAP!
She had never seen so many people hungry to encounter God.
He grew up in a world of struggle, addiction, and poverty.
Salvation changed his life
She was delivered from depression
She was healed from cancer!
At the Brink of Suicide but Jesus Saved Her
God Transformed Her Life in a Supernatural Way
Through Obedience and Faith God Completely Healed Geneva and Her Daughter
The Gift of Baptism
God Transformed The Life of A Former NFL Player
Man Testifies of Walking In the Supernatural After Being Activated in CAP
The Doctors Said She Would Die, but God Had Other Plans
God Supernaturally Healed The Heart of This Man 
God Brought Breakthrough to Their Business and Finances
Couple Testifies How They Received Spiritual Authority and Breakthrough
God Did Creative Miracles in the Lives of Believers
Businessmen Need the Power of God
These Women Were Delivered From Depression
People Empowered In the Supernatural Ministry School
God Restored and Changed His Life
God Completely Transformed His Life
He Was Set Free From Drugs and God Restored His Marriage
Woman Free From Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
Woman Healed From Lung Cancer
God Answered His Prayers and His Family Came to Christ
New Zealand Pastors Activated in the Supernatural
Creative Miracle, God Healed Her Knees!
He Sowed and Received a Supernatural Breakthrough in His Finances
Israel Prophetic Tour
Her Student Debts Were Completely Paid Off
She Found Her True Identity Through The Love of God
People Testify of Receiving Creative Miracles
God Supernaturally Provided For Their House
God Turned Her Life Around
Youth Testify of How God Transformed Their Lives
Youth Evangelize in Time Square and To A Psychic
God is Calling Back All the Backsliders
God’s Supernatural Power
God is Real
Signs and Wonders
Five Miracles of The Kingdom
Youth Empowered to Move in the Supernatural Power of God
By Faith She Received Land for her Church
Winds of Glory (2018)
Man was Activated to Walk in the Supernatural
This Young Woman Found Her Purpose and Identity
People Testify On What God Did In Israel
A Pastor Was Set Free From Past Wounds
These Women Are Empowered to Walk in Their Calling
God Healed Her Heart In Our Deborah’s Conference
She Was Set Free From A Painful Past
She Was Set Free From Drug Addiction
He Received a Scholarship and a $12,000 Refund
In The Midst of a Natural Disaster God Used Her To Bring Peace
God Provided For Him So He Could Be A Blessing To His Family
Broken Mother-Daughter Relationship Gets Restored
Her Commitment to God Led Her Mother Christ
God Restored Her Relationship With Her Brother
Family Leaves It All Behind for the Ministry
His Family Was Restored
Man Healed Completely From Bone Cancer
Man Set Free From His Gambling Addiction
Couple Receive A New House Supernaturally
Woman Receives a New House
Woman Receives Financial Breakthrough
God Made A Way For This Young Man to Travel
Man’s Heart Was Completely Healed
Pastors Testify of Witnessing Signs, Wonders and Miracles
This Couple’s Marriage Was Restored
God Blessed the Man Who is Committed to the Vision
God Delivered Woman From Alcoholism
Healing and Creative Miracle Testimonies
Restoration, Promotion, and Transformation Through Prayer
The Passion for the Miraculous Rekindled in His Heart
God Used Chris to Minister and Evangelize During CAP
Woman Felt the Power of God After Reading Encounters with the Holy Spirit
People Testify of Supernatural Breakthroughs
Encounter Us Holy Spirit (2017)
Hunger for the Living God (2016)
After Your Heart (2014)
The Kingdom’s Sound (2013)
Live Worship (2013)
Supernatural Movement (2013)
Supernatural Encounter (2012)
Man takes a leap of faith during CAP | CAP Testimony
Couple received a supernatural wealth transfer | CAP Testimony
Family Testified God Transformed their Family and Finances after CAP
God Heals A Baby That Was Born Brain Dead
God Created New Cartilages
Metal In Woman´s Back Disappears
Creative Miracles
Financial Breakthroughs
Leaders Activated to Walk in the Supernatural
Kidney Created
Brain Cyst Disappears!
Two Cysts Disappear from Hands
Blind for 5 years and Now Can See
God Created Brand New Bones and Brand New Cartilage
Dawn walks after 10 years of being on wheelchair
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